Windows 8 - Push Notification Guide
By Technical Support
#17 WPNS Authentification
First, you have to authenticate your application with the Windows Push Notification Service according to the Microsoft Dev Center guide here BulkPush Configuration

1) Go to your application Configuration page, and tap on Windows 8 Configure button.


2) Specify your SID and Client Secret in configuration window and save configuration.


3) Here is your BPAppId code


4) Go to application’s Send Push page.

Choose Windows 8 tab in the platforms section.
Choose the toast template from the list on the right.

Type in your message in enabled fields.


5) Click Push button, and you’re done!

Note, that tile, raw and badge type notifications are available via Remote API only. Please refer to the Windows 8 Templates provided below:

Windows 8 Tile Template
Windows 8 Toast Template
Windows 8 Badge Template