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By Technical Support
#24 An Application Groups feature is used to send one push notification to several applications with one click, and those users who have two or more apps installed, will receive only one message!

For Example, one of your users is really into your products, so he or she has 5 to 6 of your apps installed on a device. If you start promoting your new product with broadcast push notifications sent to each of your apps, this user will receive the same notification five times in a row. Just imagine how irritating it might be!

Steps to create Application groups:

1. Go to Application Groups page of your Bulk push control Panel, and click Add New to create an application group.

2. Write a name for the group, check the applications you’d like to add from a list, and save it.


Now go to the Application Groups, and click on a group you’ve created, it will open Send Push for App Groups, where you can customize your notification just as those that you send to single apps.